Something Amazing Event

"Life is about friendship and love."-Steve Fawley


If there’s one thing we’ve learned since we started Cleobella, it’s that at the end of the day, after all the struggles of running a business, the most important thing is love. The personal relationships between family, friends, or even acquaintances are what really keep us grounded and motivated, for life is about friendship and love.  This sentiment is the theme of the book Something Amazing, written by a dear friend of ours, Steve Fawley.  

I met Steve many years ago when I was selling my very first Cleobella goods at flea markets on Maui.  I instantly knew he had a heart of gold, and we continued our friendship while travelling.   He and my husband Jim have surfed waves all over the world together, and like us, Steve spends several months a year in Bali.  Over the years, he has grown to be family.   A fine artist, surfer, writer, and all around creative soul, Steve’s work ranges from private commissioned paintings to commercial work for surf industry giants.  



On February 7th, we hosted an event at our boutique to celebrate the launch of Steve’s most recent artistic endeavor, Something Amazing.  This book is a lighthearted tale about the unlikely friendship between a snail and a whale, and the journey they take together surfing the waves of the ocean.  While designed to appeal to children, the book speaks of a larger, more universal message that transcends generations.  Throughout life, you build relationships, some are deep and moving, while others exist on a surface level; some of them succeed while others fail.  But no matter what, anytime you have a special connection with another human being (or animal), that is truly Something Amazing.



We are so grateful to our friends, families and peers who came to celebrate Something Amazing.  The event was a playground for the kids- who bounced around from eating chocolate covered bananas by Hannah’s Bananas, to having their face painted, to jumping on the bouncy house with unbridled enthusiasm (we wish we had their energy levels), and to painting shells with watercolors at the craft table by Lark Artisan Market.  Needless to say, our kids slept well that night.  It was magical seeing all the little ones in their Cleobella Baby Harem Pants with beautiful flower crowns and wristlets by Petals and Pop Shop.  While the kids were busy having the best playdate ever, the parents mingled at the food tables adorned by Jesi Haack Design  and Prospect Goods, and munched on finger sandwiches by Nick’s Deli in Seal Beach.



We hope you enjoy these images that capture beautiful memories from such a special day for us. The warmth and love in a child's eyes can take a gray sky and turn it blue, and it only made it sweeter seeing these kids romping around together in their harems. At Cleobella, we try to always stay centered in the truth of what matters in life: love, friendship, and family. We hope these visual keepsakes inspire you to call your mom, your friend, hug your kids and appreciate all the amazing little somethings in your life. And be sure to get your little ones a copy of the Something Amazing book with the cutest stuffed toy. It's already Keenan & Indi's favorite, and honestly it's mine too!


Something Amazing Book - Steve Fawley
Banana Cart - @bananasbyhannah
Craft Table - @letsgoonalark
Tassel Decor - @prospectgoods
Flower Arrangements, Flower Crowns, Flower Wristlets - @petalsandpopshop
Food Table Backdrop & Whale Cut Out - @jesihaackdesign
Food - Nick’s Deli in Seal Beach
Photos - Taryn Kent
Baby Harems - Cleobella
Video - Jbrother