The Handmade Process: Screening a Print


We have been fortunate enough to travel to many places in the world, but so far no place compares to the magic that is Bali, Indonesia. We fell in love with Bali for so many reasons-- the surf, the beautiful landscape, the colors, the culture, the vibrant energy--but it's the people of Bali that have made the biggest imprint on our hearts. We cherish the relationships we have built with so many wonderful, unique artisans who hand-make every Cleobella piece, from start to finish. We love them, and that love is reciprocated. 

These images capture the beautiful process of screening an original print, in this case our Woodblock Print. The designs come to life through a series of screens, and the love that only human hands can create. The quality and originality of each piece is unparalleled. No mass-produced system could ever replicate the intricacy of the process. Our artisans put love into their work, and leave all of us feeling so inspired and motivated to continue our mission. 

It is our biggest hope that every Cleobella piece gives the wearer a sense of empowered love and beauty. Everything we produce is filled with consideration, love and hard work. We appreciate you, our customers, for caring about the bigger picture too, and for helping along the Cleobella dream.