#BellaBeautyTribe Feature No. 6: Jes O'Brien

What makes you beautiful?
This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.
The go getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
The true goddess who is centered in love and joy.
The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.
A celebration of beautiful women who shine bright from within.
They don't follow the pack, they lead the crowd.
Their beauty is contagious.
They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.
They balance so much, and they do it with grace and beauty.
They are the true definition of Bella.
 "Through my recent exploration of past lives I can 100% guarantee Jes and I were sisters in another life.  Having 2 brothers I always longed for a sister and to find her at the age of 24 was no coincidence...it was meant to be!

Jes's beauty is radiant!  Anyone who meets Jes falls in love instantly because she has a way of making you feel like you've known her for years.

I'm blessed to say I have known Jes for years...she lives in Australia, but it was that first time 9 years ago in Portugal that we met and we have managed to see each other every year since, sometimes twice a year.  We both have gypsy hearts and spontaneous travel adventures are in our blood.  And I say this as we are planning a photoshoot campaign together in Thailand, which is so exciting :)

I have always believed that surrounding yourself with positive energy manifests beauty, and Jes is our beauty expert at Cleobella.  She's not only our favorite hair and make up artist but she also coordinates the chaos of our look book campaigns and she does it in a way that feels effortless and fun!  All our shoots end with positive vibes and lots of love...which make all the hard work of building a collection so rewarding.

Jes with one S is my true soul sister, she has a heart of gold, she'll tell it like it is!  She's honest, grounded, she's the most amazing mother to her beautiful son Banjo, and she has this easy way about her that you can't help but fall in love with.
 Our supportive husbands make it possible to feed our friendship and our passion for all things creative. We live worlds apart but we make the effort to stay connected and mix business with pleasure.

I'm incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring women...but I have to say, having a best friend like Jes is such a special gift that I never take for granted.  She is my true soul sister and the definition of Bella Beauty!"

-Angela O'Brien
"Cleobella was still in the making and almost a dream when I was first introduced. I met Jim & Angela whilst we were travelling through Portugal 9 years ago. The boys were surfing and Ange and I bonded on the beach, she was showing me some small things she had made throughout their journeys - this yellow leather travel clutch was incredible - I had true travel girl envy; this was the prototype for the now iconic Cleobella Mexicana Clutch.  It has been such a wonderful joy and pleasure to watch this brand bloom, grow and develop over the years. 
As Cleobella was growing, I just happened to be in LA, and spoke with Ange of this need at her shoots - someone to organise, hustle, have the overview and vision, and get the job done-well.  The shoots in the early days were small; all men on deck - multi tasking all of their creative skills.  This has been one of my extras, that has grown with the brand.  Ange has such wonderful faith in me and my visions for her Cleobella campaigns."
 "My life is a lot about balance.  I consciously decided to take a step back within my career after Banjo was born.  I love my job, but I didn’t want to blink and have this teenage son, whom had grown up and I had missed all of these childhood moments that you never get back.  I kept a small handful of creative clients (like Cleobella) that allow me to stretch my creative legs every few months, allow me to travel, and are also so supportive of my family/work balance.  So my days are a juggle of emails, park plays, makeup supplies, beach dates, no two days are really the same.  But juggling I am getting good at!  My idea of a perfect day is Sunday, our family day.  Jump in the car, drive to one of our magical beaches, fresh fish for lunch, and maybe a stumble across a vintage or thrift store.  Returning home sandy, salty, sun kissed and love up with my men (husband, son & pup)." 
"Words can barely describe my connection to this amazing woman (Angela).  We always say we knew each other in another life- but it’s deeper than that.  Fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it- drew us together; meeting on a rocky beach in a quiet surf town in Portugal, where our boys bonded over the surf and we bonded over all things travel, fashion, family.  It still blows my mind.  We are fortunate to see each other at least once a year, and use the excuse of work to get together. Creatively we are mostly always on the same page, and we can finish each other’s sentences.  Her home has become my home away from home, and her family (close and extended) has become my family.  There are tears most times we have to part.  We are true Soul Sisters.  It is a bond unlike any other I have, and my life is all the richer with her in it. 
It means beauty, but my friendship with Ange runs deep, and to me she is Bella.  She calls those closest to her ‘Bella,’ it’s part of her everyday slang – so to me she is Bella, and whenever I hear it, it is her!"
"I am a makeup artist whom wears very little makeup, haha.  With a background in art, I stumbled into some Halloween makeup one year, which resulted in a scholarship for a special effects makeup degree to which I declined, still yet to finish high school.  The next few years went something like this…6 months travel, 6 month makeup degree, short films, Opera House shows, fashion weeks, travel.
We packed up to travel for another year.  Unplanned, we ended up away for 3 years. Traveling Europe, working in London, landing a dream job with Topshop HQ and launching the original Kate Moss for Topshop collection- yes I got to see lady Moss!
We returned home after 3 years to combine my PR & beauty experience, working for the Estee Lauder Company’s HQ, and launching the latest beauty to all the editors and bloggers.  After 2 years I jumped ship to throw my head and heart back into makeup full time.  Advertising, Editorial, Fashion, Weddings."
"It is always hard to choose a favorite travel destination, because there are always so many different factors to compare, and as to why that place stands out in your mind.  But I will say Turkey blew us away (went for 2 weeks, stayed for 3 months) and Italy holds a special place in my heart & stomach :)
 My favorite part about traveling is experiencing a different culture, exploring- literally throwing yourself out there.  Meeting new people, trying new foods - some amazing, some not so, it’s all part of the fun.
 For your travel beauty regimen, keep it simple.  Your skin can suffer when traveling.  Plus toiletries can weigh a ton.  All you need is a gentle every day cleanser, a good moisturizer, a good SPF, lip balm.  Well matched foundation for nights out, bronzer, multitasking lip and cheek colour and mascara – voila!"
Jes O'Brien is wearing (in order of appearance) our Everly Fringe Jacket, Riley Short, Kareena Playsuit, Pike Crossbody Bag, Farah Top, Vanna Fringe, and Jes Top (named after her!)
For more information, check out Jes's website http://jesobrien.com.au/ & instagram: @dazedbutamazed 
Photography by Taryn Kent // http://tarynkent.com // instagram: @taryn_kent