Indigo's First Birthday Celebration in Bali

One of the reasons why we love Bali so deeply is because its culture is rooted in spirituality. It is our second home, and one that our baby girl Indigo Skye has spent a huge portion of her life in so far. This summer, our little babe turned one. We were in Bali and it felt right to embrace the traditional Balinese cleansing ceremony, upacara pembersihan, to celebrate her beautiful spirit and blessed life.
Indi's cleansing involved the use of holy water which came from the Tirta Empul Temple in Tampaksiring, Bali, a natural spring considered to be a holy source of water for the Balinese Hindu. She had skipped her nap that day and we weren't sure how her mood would be at the time of the ceremony. Incredibly, she was very in tune with what was going on, as she looked up to the sky and was connected to the moment. The holy water was sprinkled on each person to cleanse the spiritual aura and remove negativity. Rice was placed on the temples to achieve balance and in the center of the forehead representing the third eye and as a blessing and gift from the gods.
The canang sari, or offering, is a gift to the gods to ensure good health, happiness, and prosperity. The offering trays are filled with symbolic items such as flowers, rice and often a small sweet or coin. The Balinese also make daily offering to the gods using canang--morning offerings are to the heavenly gods and evening offerings are to the earthly gods.
The dupa, or incense, is used to help transmit our prayers, thoughts and wishes to the gods. The movement of the smoke from the incense symbolizes our prayers traveling to the gods. The cleansing ceremony is a traditionally used by the Balinese Hindu on auspicious days of the year, according to the Balinese calendar before significant events.  
We had the joy of having friends who feel like family there to celebrate with us. Indigo and Keenan ran around with friends and the grandkids of all our artisans and manufacturers in Bali. Our friend Putu, an amazing masseuse, made all of the hanging florals & plants by hand. We snacked on delicious pizza from Desa Seni & vegan cake made by our dear friend Seewah of Drifter Bali and the Uluwatu Surf Villas.
The whole occasion was filled with magic! We are so grateful for our Bali family, and for our sweet little honey Indigo.
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