#BellaBeautyTribe Feature No. 15: Lisa

What makes you beautiful?
This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.
The go getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
The true goddess who is centered in love and joy.
The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.
A celebration of beautiful women who shine bright from within.
They don't follow the pack, they lead the crowd.
Their beauty is contagious.
They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.
They balance so much, and they do it with grace and beauty.
They are the true definition of Bella.
Our very own Lisa Cooper, wife, new mama, adventurer, dreamer and founder of @bohemerentals
Lisa Cooper, where do we even begin. We have so much love for this beautiful mama it's hard to put into words. She is such a good-natured being that conversations with her always leave you feeling, at ease, inspired, and optimistic. She shines her beauty from within and truly transcends to those around her. We know this for certain because she has been with the Bella Tribe since the beginning, as in she is the ultimate OG, Cleobella's very first employee. We have had the opportunity to see her shine and grow into a wife, a mama, and now she's embarking on her very own, Boheme Rentals. She joined the tribe seven years ago when it was run out of our Seal Beach home. There was no office, no boutique, no ready to wear, just a lot of creative ideas and dreams on the horizon. She knows Cleobella at it's core and has been such an integral part of Cleobella's growth, believing in the dream since its creation. We are constantly inspired by her eternal optimism, effortless grace, and adventurous spirit that always keeps her in forward motion.
Gratitude is an understatement, Lisa is like a sister to me, and forever a part of our Cleobella tribe. Without her, Cleobella could never have bloomed into the beautiful flower it has become...she was at the center of it all from the beginning and her beauty and creativity will always remain at the heart of Cleobella. 
The Bella Tribe 

How were you introduced to Cleobella?

I had just got back from Bali, of all places, and was looking for new work. A friend of mine mentioned they were looking to grow their team and when I looked into the brand I was totally intrigued with their story. I remember meeting them and thinking what a beautiful and inspiring brand they had, so when I was offered the job needless to say I was excited. I could have never imagined I would have been with them 7 years with so any amazing adventures and lessons learned. I feel lucky that our paths crossed and now I have made life long friends that continue to inspire!

What does the word "Bella" mean to you?

Bella to me is a confidence and energy that shines from someone. To me there is nothing more beautiful then someone confident in there own skin.

What mama inspires you most? 
Oh man that is a tough one, and there is not just one mama. I have taken so much from all the mamas that surround me. I am very lucky to have many amazing women in my life to call and ask for advice, listen to me when I need to vent and give me a shoulder when I need a good cry. If I had to pick one I would say my mother. Becoming a mother has given me so much more respect for her and what she does for my sister and I. She is my rock!
What mama essentials can't you live without?
Currently I can’t live without my solly baby wrap, Mexicana wallet, Aquaphor, Aesop Hydration Spray, and D’Blanc Sunnies to cover up those dark circles ;)
 How do you channel your creativity?
Deciding to leave Cleobella was a really hard decision for me. I knew I wanted to be home more to raise my son but didn’t want to lose that creative energy that used to surround me daily, so a few months after taking some time off I decided to start a vintage rental company, Boheme Rentals. It’s a place where I can rent my collection of glassware and other table top finds that I have been collecting over the years. It allows me to stay creative in styling events and shoots. I always felt if I did not work in the fashion industry I would work in the events industry, as I always loved a good dinner party. Since I am taking a break from fashion it seemed to be the next step for me but something tells me that I will always have my hand in the fashion industry.
What are your keys to happiness?
Time with my family and friends always makes my heart happy! Adventure; I thrive off the feeling you get when you are in a new place, meeting new people and hearing their stories, and the ocean air; we get out of the house daily to walk the beach, it calms me, its my therapy.
 Beauty is happiness, I think smile lines are beautiful on everyone.
Of course since she's been a part of The Bella Tribe for so long there really isn't much we don't know ;) 
She's originally from the 909 and used to drive her beloved silver truck
She is seriously obsessed with Thai food
She is terrified of elevators and refuses to ride in them
Side note, she has one pinky that's shorter than the other
We love you Lis !
We finished up the shoot with an ice cold Modelo, Lisa's favorite beer and another one of her keys to happiness ;) 
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D Blanc x Cleobella Sunnies
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Photography : Lacée De Grasse @laceedegrasse