#BellaBeauty: Bella Tribe

What makes you beautiful?
This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.
The go getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
The true goddess who is centered in love and joy.
The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.
A celebration of beautiful women who shine bright from within.
They don't follow the pack, they lead the crowd.
Their beauty is contagious.
They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.
They balance so much, and they do it with grace and beauty.
They are the true definition of Bella.




What does Bella mean to you?  
Bella stands for all the amazing women in my life who are strong, powerful, adventurous, and fierce, yet gentle, caring and loving all at the same time. Bella sets an example for all I aspire to be in this life. 
What does true inner beauty look like to you?
Inner beauty is more of a feeling. The most beautiful people in my life exude positivity, compassion, and gratitude. They leave others happier and warmer which creates a chain reaction and spreads the feeling the love and togetherness.
How do you celebrate your inner beauty?
I celebrate my inner beauty by taking time to do what I love and caring for myself and others. I feed my passions and dreams so that I can show my best self to the world. I dance under the stars, run to nature any chance I get, jump in the ocean, smile at strangers, help someone in need. Every day is a celebration when you open your heart.




What does Bella mean to you?
Bella means someone who is confident, someone who stands for what they believe in, appreciates life and love, and believes in herself. Oh and can laugh at herself!
Who is an example of a Bella in your life?
A Bella in my life is my sister, even though she's younger than me, she's always taught me so much in life. Her strength in her faith, the battles she has overcome in her life, her sense of true deep love, her selflessness, her wise soul, and her good humor, all these qualities make her a true Bella to me.
How do you celebrate your inner beauty?
I celebrate my inner beauty by finding confidence daily. I also try to take a moment each day to be grateful for everything I have in life and to appreciate how lucky I feel. Whether it's running on the beach and being grateful for the beauty of the sand and ocean or having a quite dinner with my family surrounded by unconditional love- that to me is finding inner beauty.
Are there any moments that have helped to shape the way you view inner beauty?
Definitely-there is one moment that comes to mind. One of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and told me that when she showered, she had handfuls of hair falling out every time. She cried to me and felt like she had lost a sense of her femininity. I looked at her and told her that her beauty is her strength and power to fight the cancer. A few days later she called me over to dye her hair bright green for fun and to take photos to remember, and then cut it all off the next day. She's now 7 years in remission and has a beautiful family with a 9 month old son. Her strength, courage, and power taught me that inner beauty isn't always something you physically see but it comes from within. Her spirit and story inspire me everyday.




What does Bella mean to you?

Bella to me is about celebrating the inner strength and confidence that compliments the outer beauty of every woman. There is a light that shines from within a woman who has this strength and it can be felt in every room she walks into and is spread to everyone she encounters, empowering while empowered.

Who is an example of a Bella in your life?
My mama is the truest example of a Bella in my life. She is such a light, filled with so much love and empathy for everyone around her. She is honest and true, always standing firm in her convictions. Through life’s trials she has learned to find her beliefs, her faith, and her voice and pushes me to do the same.  
How do you celebrate your inner beauty?
Gratitude is the perfect daily celebration of all things, especially those inner gifts that make me, me. On the days that I need a little extra reminder, there are so many incredible women in my life that are shining their light on my life. Being able to receive these affirmations and be able to pass along the same gift is the most perfect way to celebrate the inner beauty of all women. It’s so important that we remind each other of the inner beauty we all possess and continue to lift each other up.




What does Bella mean to you?
Beauty & Beautiful soul
What does true inner beauty look like to you?
Something that only you can hold; kindness, compassion, loyalty, love, spiritualness. Everyone’s inner beauty is different which makes it true and special.
Who is an example of a Bella in your life?
My Mama is the perfect example of a Bella in my life. She’s taught me everything I know and made me the person I am today. She raised four children, worked full time, took us to every after school activity, & had dinner ready for us every night. She is always putting everyone first. She’s such a strong and beautiful woman and couldn't imagine life without her.
Are there any moments that have helped to shape the way you view inner beauty?
There have been so many moments that have helped me shape the way I view inner beauty. Some have led me through a dark path where I even questioned whether or not there was inner beauty and some that have made me realize I needed to experience all the darkness in order to find inner beauty and the meaning of it all.




What does Bella mean to you?
A kind, beautiful, and open-minded soul
What does true inner beauty look like to you?
Being who you TRULY are. Not how you feel you should be or how you are when influenced by others around you. Being true to yourself and knowing that’s exactly how you should be.
Are there any moments that have helped  to shape the way you view inner beauty?
Not necessarily a moment - but seeing how unauthentic the world or people can be presented to us has shaped my viewpoint on real inner beauty. It’s not how  many followers you have, or how beautiful you look. It’s about the real authentic life you are living with friends, family, strangers, food, experiences, trials, and moments. Being truly yourself and how you handle all those things reveals your inner beauty. 


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 Photos by Taylor Kalander // @taylorkalander