Cleo Woman: Jen Hawkins

What stuck out most to me when I first met Jen was her smile. 
There is such a genuine nature to her that far surpasses her exterior beauty. 
Spend any amount of time with Jen and her husband, Blake,
and you will feel such an ease in their parenting that is a true
testament to the kind of people they are.   
I feel honored to share her story.  
How were you introduced to Cleobella?
I was introduced to Cleobella through a party! I was invited to by a friend, and I still remember that day. I fell in love with the beauty of the brand, but didn’t know at the time how much more I would love it in the years to come...or that I would someday get to dress my own babies in it.
What are your hopes for your girls?
I hope they feel safe, and loved, and happy. I hope they listen to good music (preferably some that I like so we can go to shows together), read books just for fun, take good care of themselves (and each other), travel the world, and then come back home again to me.
What has been the toughest part about becoming a mom?
Finding balance. It feels overwhelming to find that balance between bring present with the girls, getting work done, and taking care of myself and Blake. But I have to give myself some grace at the end of each day, even if I wish the day would give me a few more hours ;).
What mama essentials can't you live without?
My babies! Kidding…my babies are still so little that sleep is still so important, so I LOVE our white noise machines. They small and portable, so they’ve helped us travel with the babies. We are big on adventuring and traveling with them even while they’re small, so some of the other things that have made that easier are their loveys because they help them self soothe and sleep anywhere, their portable high chairs that make meals anywhere so much easier, and snacks. Always snacks.

What are your keys to happiness?
Always look for that silver lining. Even when something feels hard or sad or awful, find something to be happy or grateful for. It will literally change your life!
What do you dream about for the future?
My best memories come from time spent with family and close friends, usually in the outdoors, traveling or adventuring. So that’s what I hope for more of in the future, for me and for my girls as they grow up.
What has becoming a mama meant to you?
I still haven’t wrapped my head around it, and my babies will be two in just a few months! It’s hard to put into words, but what I always come back to is that I think it’s mostly just my job to love them. And by doing that, I’ll hopefully show them how to love. 
Beauty is. . . in all of us ;).
There are so many decisions Mamas have to create healthy habits for our family and to protect our Mother Earth.  This is why Cleobella is passionate about sustainability and designing product in a meaningful way that is conscious of our environment and the women who wear our designs.
About The Cleo Woman Series:
This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.
The go-getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
The true goddess who is centered in kindness and joy.
The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.
A celebration of beautiful women who shine brightly from within.
Their beauty is contagious.
They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.
They are the true definition of Cleo Woman and the inspiration behind our brand.
Jen Hawkins // @jenkhawkins
Photography by Carly Campbell // @campbellcarly
Jen is wearing our Micah Dress
The Twins are wearing our Rose Dress in White and Wild and our Sarah Dress in Pink Daisy