Gratefulness is a practice. It's a daily mantra that gets me through even the toughest life experiences because every situation, either beautiful or painful, always has a lesson and a gift in the end when I focus my heart on gratitude.


We are grateful for healthy habits and living intentionally. We are so lucky to be able to  study yoga and find new ways keep our family healthy and glowing. Wether its a desert sound bath, morning yoga, or a morning surf sesh, we are always trying to be intentional and maintain healthy rituals that nourish our bodies and souls. 



We are grateful for those pieces that you can throw on and feel like the most confident and wild version of yourself. That is what fringe does for us! Fringe was made to move and that's what we love about it. It feels classic and new at the same time. Like you're channeling Jimi Hendrix while making your way through this modern age. It feels a little rebellious, it speaks our language. 

Get your fringe on here!


We are grateful for peace. In this modern age believing in peace and love seems to be more empowering than ever. 


We are grateful for a meal shared. It truly is such an intimate experience. Offering a cooked meal, or splitting a bite always feels like a treat. The more we travel the more we savor these special moments we've had all around the globe. 


We are grateful to all of the shops that choose to be a part of Cleobella's story, like Costa Cabana! It is so special to have supporters all over representing Cleobella, believing in our Company, and making the pieces there own. Visiting this space fuels our need to create ! 


We are grateful for our happy place. This space has brought so many people together and we have had some of our favorite events and parties here, nothing but good vibes at our bungalow! It is our inspiration haven that we get to fill with all of our favorite designs and travel treasures. The community that has poured out of this place is unreal, we are so grateful. Stop by for a glass of champagne (always fully stocked ;), some shopping, and then head down to the beach and dip those toes in the sand.


We are grateful for this upcoming season of joy, love, friends, family, giving, sharing, community, and time spent together. Not to mention all of the sequined dresses and beaded details that help us sparkle all season long! Cheers to another year of learning, growing, traveling, and loving! 


We are grateful for our soul sisters! Our kindred spirits, the women in our life who love, accept, and uplift us so effortlessly! Where would we be without them? To all the girl gangs out there, we feel you!


We are grateful for family. Life is crazy, and without these beautiful souls who ground us and remind us to be. Family to us extends beyond our relatives, we try and form bonds and communities that feel like family everywhere we go. To our family and our work families and Bella Tribe, thank you for the constant love and smiles! 


We are grateful for YOU ! None of this would be possible without all of the likeminded Bella Babes who support our Tribe! You inspire us everyday to keep creating, growing, and moving forward. We truly have such supportive and loyal customers. Thank you for sharing your Cleobella story when they walk out the door with your favorite piece. Thank you beauties, you inspire us and we are grateful for YOU !