Hey Bellas... 
Have you seen our line up? We asked some of our favorite ladies to dress in their Cleobella best and rock an outfit worthy of only the most groovin' festival. 
 They'll give you the scoop on some festivals you need to go to, help you know exactly what to pack in your bag, and maybe share the best tunes they've been jamming to lately. 
Meet our festival experts...
What are your three key items to pack to make sure you radiate positive vibes during the festival?
Jordan (@jordanrichelle) : 

As silly as it sounds, bringing my turkish towel everywhere helps keep me cool from the sun, warm from the wind and is a perfect picnic blanket for festivals to share with friends! Some great sunglasses are always a must, and although water isn't glamorous, it is the biggest essential for maintaining energy and glowing skin in the heat! (Jordan wears the Itaca Top and Magnolia Shorts with our Mayla Fringe Jacket to tie it all together)

Hailley (@hailleyhoward) : 

It's easy to get into a bummer mood when there are tens of thousands of people around you and the porta-potties are over flowing. So my top MUSTS in my bag are: 1. Blanket - to chill on, keep warm, hide from the sun and offer a portable safety zone. 2. Baby wipes. I hate to admit this but if I can't feel clean I can't have fun :/ 3. Mophie or back-up charger for your phone. Nowadays a phone is more important than ever. If you run out of cash you can still Venmo a stranger. You can use it for a flashlight. You can use it to mark where you marked. And the obvious: if shit goes down, you have help. (Hailey wears the Jonis Dress)

Meg (@meg_legs) :

My key item to pack is headphones, start the trip off right and rock out to your favorite tunes as you travel to your destination!  (Meg wears the Jonis Dress)



Your music festival of choice:

 Emily (@stilettobeatss) :

That's a hard one to say...Coachella is a classic win but I went to Lighting in a Bottle a few years ago and the experience was incredible. It a smaller scale festival with yoga sessions, art installations and really unknown interesting music. (Emily wears the Bellany Slip Dress)

Taylor (@taylorlashae) :

I love Sasquatch the most! Its in Washington overlooking the gorge and it is INSANE! The festival layout is really small, yet spread out so you never really get lost… sort of, but in a good way! (Taylor wears the Palmer Playsuit and Move On Backpack)


Your music festival of choice? / What’s the ultimate music festival styling piece in your closet?
Storm (@stormcalysta) : 

Lollapalooza. I'm originally from Chicago, so it was the first festival I went to. I met Black Sabbath that day & it opened me up to a whole new world, so it has left some awesome memories with me. (Storm wears the Holloway Jumpsuit and Rainer Crossbody)

Zoe (@zoelaz) : 

Outside Lands in SF or Hardly Strictly bluegrass festival!

I always make sure to have glitter!!! lots and lots of glitter! Whether it's a pretty highlight, glitter for your hair, or some flash tattoos. Another thing to never forget, a polaroid camera. What says festival vibes more than film? Last thing I make sure to pack with me, accessories galore. Festivals are the perfect time to go all out, bracelets, rings, chokers, and earrings. (Zoe wears the Holloway Jumpsuit)



Your music festival of choice?
Ashley (@dancingwithflyingcolors) : 

Coachella hands down is always a good time, I LOVE seeing everyone's outfits and loads of my favorite artists always perform! Also I just love throwing Coachella outfits together! I'd love to go to Outsidelands though because it's colder + has a lot of the same music. 

Jyo (@cuppajyo) : 

I am dying to go to Frye Festival in the Bahamas ! A Music festival on an island in the Exumas - sounds so fantastic.. I have this rad feather, shells and beaded statement choker that would be so perfect to wear for a music festival.

Hailley (@hailleyhoward) : 
The first year I went to Coachella was 2008. It was also the first time I day drank. My friend and I snuck backstage at MIA and had the dance party of a lifetime. I've never been to any of the Coachella parties and I've never gone to be part of any scene. In saying that it makes me sad to admit that for me Coachella is now entirely a scene. You might see my back there again with a press pass or on assignment but nowadays a perfect festival is anywhere I can lay a blanket down and daydream looking up at the sky - without getting trampled on.
(All of our floral babes rock the Arlington Top and Jack Skirt)
Whose music influences you most?
Melodie (@babynative):

Bob Dylan, I fell in love with his words when I was 14 years old and he has carried me through all stages of life.

Emily (@stilettobeatss):  

Everyones! What I listen to is based on my mood, the setting and everything around me. I can go from blasting Florence + The Machine to Chet Faker to Garth Brooks.

Zoe (@zoelaz): 

There are a lot of musicians who influence me. But I feel like ones that have continued making the same impact on me now, and in the past have been Bon Iver & The Lumineers.

(All of our dreamy gals wear the Ora Dress in Ivory)
How would you describe your style? / Whose music influences you the most?
Lilly (@_lilikoi) :

Naked hobbit fairy / My bestie’s band ~ Tigers in the Sky (Lilly wears the Vinita Dress in Red)

Your music festival of choice? / First record you ever bought?

Amy (@afashionnerd) :

OutsideLands in San Francisco. I love nature and this one is basically in the forrest and tons of green grass. I love it. / Chantal Goya (Amy wears the Amery Maxi Dress in Coral)



What's your go-to "let's get groovy" jam at the moment?

Whitney (@whitneybearr) :

Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man (Whitney wears the Lois Jumpsuit)

Audrie (@audriestorme) : 

Panic by Caravan Palace - perfect dancing music for when you want to make a fool of yourself & no one's around to see it. (Audrie wears the Nieve Dress)


If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one album with you, what would it be?
Chelsea (@sloppyelegance) : 

The Beatles- White Album (Chelsea wears the Darlene Dress and Everston Fanny Pack)

Francesca (@frankvinyl) :

Definitely The Beatles, Abbey Road. Never gets old. (Francesca wears the Amei Dress in Ivory and the Suzie Q Backpack)

How would you describe your style?:

Rachel (@laceandlikes) :

OOF. I think I'm all over the place. but generally, I want it to feel effortless. Depending on if I'm feeling bohemian, tomboy-ish or what I like to call 1970's art teacher/mom, I just want to dress that day for how I feel and I suppose I'd like to just describe my style as genuine, no matter what "look" I'm going for. (Rachel wears the Rumba Top in Ivory and Mambo Skirt in Ivory)


Cheers, Bellas! 

Have the best time dancing in that Desert Heat ~ Hope you spend those festival weekends away with the wind at your heels and music in your heart


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