We met up with Bella babe & photographer, Casey Liu, while she shot model and traveling beauty Leila.  She rocked her favorite Levi's while exploring Casey's neighborhood hangs in Long Beach, CA. During the process we got to find out what brought her to Long Beach, why she loves this city, and most importantly what vinyl she can't live without. We get you babe. xx

You moved from Hawaii a few years ago, what made you want to live in Long Beach?

My boyfriend actually moved to Long Beach with a bunch of friends when he was eighteen, almost six years ago! I think his only goal was to skate in California for as long as he possibly could, without having to get a job. That lasted about three months…but even in such a short amount of time, he fell in love. When he came back to Hawaii, and for years after that, all he could talk about was Long Beach. It was the first place he’d ever lived outside of Hawaii so I’m sure some part of him romanticized the experience. When I was finally open to moving, I knew it had to be somewhere warm and Long Beach felt like the right choice. It was a pretty effortless decision.

 6th and Detroit is Cleobella's newest obsession. Tell us about working/managing the shop!

I love working at 6th and Detroit. I started working at the shop last spring, when we opened, and it’s honestly just been one big adventure. I’ve loved seeing it grow over the last year and getting to know Michelle. She’s the first boss I’ve ever had and I think I lucked out because she’s become like family to me. 

Leila wears our Levi's Everyday Skirt, Mila Top in Ivory and Pilgrim Vintage Glasses

Favorite thing about working in the East Village/ Downtown part of Long Beach?

It’s a really quirky neighborhood. You get the professionals who work or live in downtown long beach but you also get the crazies­. Michelle’s been flashed once or twice and a man once sang me a song that he swore went viral on youtube. We also get a lot of tourists since there are a bunch of hotels and the convention center nearby. It’s a diverse little area that I love being apart of.

What's been the coolest piece of vintage you've come across working at 6th & Detroit?

Oh god, where to begin? The amount of times Michelle and I have gone through one of her vintage hauls and screamed, “so good!!!” or done a weird happy-jumping dance is beyond me. It happens too often to count. I do know that the best thing I’ve gotten from 6th and Detroit will always be this needlepoint artwork I have hanging in my living room. It’s this old bearded fisherman in a yellow raincoat smoking a pipe but the smoke from the pipe also blends in to be apart of his white beard as well as the clouds in the sky. It’s incredible, I love him so much.

You're very inspired by all things vintage, what's your favorite piece of vintage furniture and why?

Ah! I love so many different pieces. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick my yellow rocking armchair. I got it a week after we moved into our new apartment, which also happened to be on Black Friday. I bought it for a hundred bucks from these guys who upcycle vintage furniture. My boyfriend also writes a lot of his music from this chair so I think its just overall pretty special to me.

Leila wears Pilgrim Vintage Kimono, our Levi's Wedgie Fit Shorts and Santiago Top 

Tell us about the first piece of vintage clothing you ever owned.

Growing up, my mom always dropped us off at my grandparent’s home after school. I didn’t like it because the only toys I had to play with were ones from the sixties and seventies that once belonged to my mom.  I remember their cable TV only came with 13 channels so we watched VHS tapes like Popeye, Mickey Mouse Cartoons, Gilligan’s Island and Leave it to Beaver. When I went into an antique mall for the first time at fifteen, I felt very much at home. Then when I was sixteen I remember my mom cleaning out her closet and giving me one of her old college sweatshirts. It smelled like mothballs and the material was faded and worn but it felt familiar and I loved it.

Relaxing at home, what's the first record you put on to chill out to?

Ooh. Lately its been Kevin Morby’s Singing Saw which he released last year. It’s so damn good. Also Broncho’s Double Vanity.

First record you ever bought?:

Ha! The Ever Passing Moment by MxPx.

You and your boyfriend Lionel are in a band called Tigers In The Sky, what and where inspires the music you make?

Both Hawaii and Long Beach have influenced us as a band on so many levels. Although Tigers in the Sky was born in Hawaii, moving to Long Beach has forever changed the way we hear and write music, especially for Lionel. We initially moved because we knew California had so much to offer in terms of opportunity. And while it did give us so much, the most valuable thing we gained was perspective. We love Long Beach, where we live now, but we also are so thankful for where we come from.  I think both of these understandings play a part in the songwriting.

Best venue you've played at?

We played at a venue last year called The Study. It was in Hollywood and had high ceilings and a library theme to it. It was pretty rad! Although our favorite show would have to be 6th and Detroit’s grand opening, by far.
If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one album with you, what would it be?
Aha Shake Heartbreak, Kings of Leon
Your music festival of choice?
Honestly this is probably super random but Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho. Mostly because two of my best friends live in Boise and have, on multiple occasions, tried to get us to come out for it. It’s a five-day festival that takes place in venues throughout downtown Boise. The lineup features a ton of independent/local bands that larger scale festivals overlook. My friends went one year and “stumbled” upon Andy Shauf playing in a coffee shop they frequent. They were so blown away by his performance and how easily they could have missed him. I’d love to make it one day!

Leila wears Pilgrim Vintage Sunglasses, our Levi's High-Rise Wedgie Icon Jeans, Jean Crop Top and Doom Jacket

You've got a full day to just hang out in Long Beach, where do you go?

My ideal Long Beach day would consist of a morning at Portfolio and then lunch at Kress Market (their tempeh sandwich and potato salad is so damn good). After that, Lionel and I usually hit up a thrift store or two. I sell vintage clothing online so most of my personal collection is also vintage/thrifted.  However, when I do need an outfit, Ay Que Vintage never disappoints. Liz’ collection is curated beautifully with amazing vintage pieces at the best prices.  In the evening I’d either grab a drink during Padre’s happy hour or see a film at the theatre. There’s a really great one on 4th street called the Art Theatre that plays a lot of independents and classics. You can even bring in a glass of wine from next door. I love Long Beach.


If you could share a joint with anyone in history, who would it be?:

My grandma, hands down.

Leila wears our Levi's High-Rise Patched Skinny Jeans, Billie Bodysuit in Black and Pilgrim Vintage Umbrella
Photography: Casey Liu
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