SPIRIT OF ISLA: Behind the Scenes

We nicknamed ourselves the Mezcali crew because under the moonlight drinking Mezcal by the sea is how we ended each night in idyllic Isla, our nightly ritual.
Our team consisted of beautiful silver souls up for Isla musings and late night ocean dips.
Thank you endlessly:
Lili Klem @_lilikoi⠀
Photo + Video: ⠀
Samuel Hess @saamuelrichard⠀
Styling: ⠀
Melodi Medows @babynative⠀
Isla Mujeres translates to The Island of Women. The name comes from the goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the moon, fertility, medicine and happiness. You can see why we were irrecoverably drawn to this seaside sanctuary. 
We were able to call the beautiful Azulik Resort home while we set up to shoot and  to capture the Spirit of Isla.
It reminded us so much of Bali, with the organic structures and lush landscapes it felt foreign and beautifully homey at the same time. 
This collection is our interpretation of Isla. When worn, we want it to empower your inner goddess. 
The culture of Isla is deeply spiritual...mystical even, vibrant, and as colorful as the sparkling turquoise sea that surrounds this island. We wanted each piece to capture some essence, some vibrancy, some of the life giving forces that enamored us while wandering the cobblestone streets.
We envisioned this story of a young woman native to Isla, empowered by the mysticism she grew up around. We imagined her living this comfortable life but coming to the realization that in order to grow, to live an artistic life, she needed to step wildly beyond her grid.
We hope this collection inspires you to step wildly beyond your grid, say yes to the unknown, and see how it transforms your life.  
While you're at it have a shot of Mezcal for us ;)
The Bella Tribe





Words: Lacée De Grasse