In the birthplace of the bohemian movement we found ourselves full of mysticism and the need to create. With The Rolling Stones fueling our rebel spirits we let ourselves roam free while our inspiration consumed us. The lush landscapes of the South of France and the lavish age old architecture dripped romance. We followed this romanticism and rebelled against our typical confines, to find a place that is as true and pure as Rock n' Roll …
Experiencing The Rollings Stones in Havana, Cuba alongside millions of people 
was pure magic.
The raw energy, the community that arose from the crowd, Keith Richards shredding his heart out, the nostalgic sounds, everything culminating to create a sensory overload of an experience. 
It left us craving more.
We were so moved and transformed, we felt the need to try to harness this energy, to somehow create a monument, a moment, some piece of art to capture, treasure and share.
(Click below to watch The Rolling Stones in Cuba)
The story behind The Stones album "Exile on Main Street" in itself is an ode to their rebel spirits and Rock n' Roll ways. Captured by the legendary french photographer Dominique Tarlé
“A carnival of characters paraded through: Terry Southern, Gram Parsons, John Lennon, even a tribal band from Bengal… dope dealers from Marseille; petty thieves, who stole most of the drugs and half the furniture; and hangers-on, all of them there to witness what was happening.”
- Dominique Tarlé
The Stones fled to Paris to escape tax troubles, lady troubles, and waves of bad press.
But what came from this dark phase is referred to by critics
 as "Rock n' Rolls most Rock n' Roll album"
"When they weren't hitting their sweet spot, they could sound a whole lot like, say, a bunch of impaired people jamming in somebody's basement. There must have been hour upon hour, day upon day, of tedium and despair. But this, apparently, was how they needed to work: by feeling around in the dark for magic. Did the Stones spend too much of their time at Nellcôte stoned and lollygagging? Well, what's too much? And whose time was it? Ultimately, it's never been any of our business, however luridly fascinating the legends may be, and however much the Stones themselves may invite our attention with the noise of publicity. What they actually managed to accomplish — no less than the quintessential rock & roll album — ought to shut everybody up. Of course, it never will." - Rolling Stone
We can't help but relate to this notion of dark leading to light and the overall, sometimes agonizing, creative process leading you to  
MAGIC if you let it.

As artists we need to be free in order to create.
We to fled to Paris to capture our sweet spot... 
Artists seeking inspiration...
We needed to get out, to get lost, to let our rebel spirits run free, to give in fully to our artistic desires in order to create our monument to Rock n' Roll.
Paris, the birthplace of the bohemian movement as you may have heard is the perfect place for this. This collection is our way of sharing our love and artistic interpretation of the aura that is 
Exile on Main Street
We wanted to run fucking wild after Cuba and we wanted this collection to express the inner rebel within us all. We set up in a Parisian loft, blared the Stones, rallied our team of rockstars in our eyes, and watched as our visions came to life. 
Sometimes a new scene can really start you up ;)
Every corner of this city sparks intrigue and romance. Let's be honest we could have designed a whole collection based on the beauty of The Luxembourg Gardens, but we stayed true to the Stones and let our rebellious, romantic, inspired spirits lead us
Words: Lacée De Grasse