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This is our happy place where we retreat and slow down.  Layers in our home tell a story of where we have been, it is in this place we are reminded of our freedom, the sun, the ocean, and the moon.
We have been living in Bali 4-5 months out of the year for the past 12 years.  The moment Jim and I arrived together in 2006 we felt we were home.  I have always said that Bali has been a second Mother to me.  She has taken care of me and our family,  I see us spending the next decade living in Bali and staying open to the gifts and lessons she has taught us.
 Often times I ask myself, "Why can't I slow down in California?  Why do I fly to Bali to turn down the volume of our life?"
I'm still working on this work life balance, sometimes I feel that I am winning and some times I'm failing miserably.  All I can say is that there is a unique energy exchange I feel the moment I step off the plane and settle into our Bali world.  We feel so incredibly grateful to share this journey with our children and we cherish all the memories we make on every trip.
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