A Desert Escape

The Folly Collection

A modern abode nestled right up against the hills of the high desert in Joshua Tree, we discovered Folly, a contemporary piece of architecture that would become the perfect setting for our Summer 24 Campaign. Inspired by its modern style in contrast with the natural elements of its surroundings, we caught up with the Folly Collection team to learn more.

What inspired the creation of Folly?

In architecture, a Folly is a whimsical structure built to serve as a conversation piece and lend interest to a view and experience. Folly Collection derived from a desire to educate people on self-sustainability and off-grid living, using authentic hospitality as a medium for exploring these concepts. Our first project was Folly Joshue Tree, a modern cabin nestled into the quiet town of Joshue Tree. Most recently, we’ve opened Folly Mojave to the public — a completely off-grid wilderness experience with a focus on wellness. 

 Could you give us a little bit of info about the owner/designer?

Folly Collection is designed and owned by Malek Alqadi, a multi-disciplinary architect and designer. Malek’s work focuses on solving contemporary problems like climate change, using integrated solutions like self-sustainable, prefabricated applications. He is currently working on residential and hospitality projects with collaborators like James Turrell, Tham Kannalikham, Claudio Silvestrin, Meg Webster, and Axel Vervoordt. His work has been featured in publications such as Dwell, AD, and GQ. 

What was the inspiration and intent behind the design and decor?

Inspired by the desert vistas, clear skies and Martian terrain, both Folly locations reflect our design philosophy; clean lines and materials integrate with the natural environment to create a sense of modern luxury while still feeling grounded. Imagine stargazing from a bedroom with no ceiling, or showering with a breathtaking desert landscape as your backdrop.

How would you describe the overall ambiance/atmosphere of the Folly locations?

Stepping into a Folly property is like entering a portal to a world apart. It’s a place to disconnect from the everyday, reconnect with nature, and promote wellness, healing, and self-reflection. The ambiance is one of quiet awe, where the vastness of the desert sky and rugged beauty of the landscape take center stage. The architecture and design is simply a medium that allows people to experience our most incredible natural environments.

What are some fun activities in the area around Folly?

While enjoying the unique comforts of Folly, you can explore the wonders that surround it. Depending on the specific location, activities might include hiking through Joshua Tree National Park, exploring the Mojave National Preserve, or stargazing under some of the darkest skies in the continental United States.


What is the most unique thing about the Folly Collection?

The design and architectural details and how each space is curated for its specific environment. Sleep beneath the stars on the Portal at Folly Mojave, a stargazing deck that transforms into a cozy haven. Shower with breathtaking views, then unwind under a sky unmarred by a ceiling. Sustainable luxury awaits with solar power, automated comforts, and minimal environmental impact. Guests can reconnect with nature in a whole new way.

What are some offerings at Folly?

Folly is more than a stay, it's an escape. We offer the Folly Membership which includes exclusive access to our unique off-grid destinations, curated experiences that deepen your connection with nature and community, priority booking to secure your escape whenever you crave a break and special member benefits including discounts and exclusive events. Our membership fosters genuine connections and ignites collaboration with like-minded individuals.