Our Story




Travel feeds the soul and inspires the artist. In 2006, Angela and her husband Jim set off for a year of global travels. In love and full of inspiration they explored new cultures always leading with their “embrace the soul in everything” mantra. Since Angela’s early days as a model in the fashion industry she envisioned herself transitioning from being the product to creating the product. At the end of this trip, she could see Cleobella sparkling on the horizon. From the beginning the vision was to offer globally inspired products that uplift the cultures and traditions of the artisans creating them. In collaboration with artisans the first product was created. Today Cleobella is an internationally recognized lifestyle brand with headquarters in California, a flagship store in Sunset Beach and production in Bali. Jim and Angela split time between California and Bali, raising their children and seeking inspiration wherever they can.




Cleobella’s intricate process is signature to our brand, creating every product individually by hand makes each design a timeless work of art. Our aesthetic reflects timeless artistry with modern ease. By using traditional tooling, weaving, dyeing, and beading we create uniquely beautiful pieces that spur conversations, evoke beauty, and preserve the art of these diverse cultures.




We work with global artisans to design one-of-a-kind products of beauty and integrity. These partnerships generate more sustainable incomes for each artisan and create products that are handmade with love. Each Cleobella piece tells a story and empowers its wearer to discover her inner beauty with effortless, magnetic style.




There are so many decisions Mamas have to create healthy habits for our family and to protect our Mother Earth.  This is why Cleobella is passionate about sustainability and designing product in a meaningful way that is conscious of our environment and the women who wear our designs.



Cleobella is a female founded company and we believe that empowering women makes our world a better place. We donate 1% of profits to empower women globally to organizations like Care.org.