A Guide to Slow Travel: Cartagena, Colombia
A Guide to Slow Travel

Cartagena, Colombia

A Guide to Slow Travel: Cartagena, Colombia

Choose a Destination: Cartagena, Colombia

    Cartagena, a tropical port city on Colombia's Caribbean coast, invites you to stroll through its charming Old Town by the sea. Founded in the 16th century, this walled enclave boasts cobblestone streets and vibrant colonial buildings that paint a vivid picture of the past. The sun-drenched alleys echo with the stories of explorers and traders, creating a delightful blend of history and tropical beauty. Cartagena is the perfect destination for slow travel, allowing you to soak in the relaxed atmosphere and savor the vibrant colors that define this coastal gem.


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    Healthy Bites

    In addition to its historical charm, Cartagena offers a delectable culinary scene that aligns perfectly with the ethos of slow travel. Indulging in healthy eating while savoring the city's tropical vibes is a delightful part of the experience. Alongside the tempting allure of boatside lobster and refreshing piña coladas, Cartagena presents a bounty of fresh, locally sourced fruits and seafood.

    Embrace the slow travel lifestyle by exploring the vibrant markets where colorful displays of tropical fruits entice your senses. From succulent mangoes to ripe papayas, these flavorsome treats make for perfect on-the-go snacks as you leisurely navigate the city's streets. Cartagena's seafood offerings extend beyond lobster, with a variety of grilled fish and ceviche options that showcase the region's culinary diversity.

    For a wholesome meal, seek out local eateries that blend traditional Colombian ingredients with a modern, health-conscious twist. Fresh salads, grilled vegetables, and lean protein choices are readily available, allowing you to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet while immersing yourself in Cartagena's culinary delights. Slow travel in Cartagena is not just a journey through time but also a savory exploration of the region's wholesome and flavorful cuisine.


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      Connect With Nature

      Slow travel in Cartagena isn't just about history and food; it's also a chance to connect with nature. Hop on a boat for a leisurely ride, perhaps exploring Pablo Escobar's old house or discovering the charm of private islands along the coast. Before you set sail, grab a fresh juice – a local tradition that adds a burst of flavor to your journey.

      As you cruise, let the serene beauty of the private islands become your escape, offering tranquility away from the hustle and bustle. Cartagena's slow travel unfolds as a seamless blend of history, healthy treats, and the soothing embrace of nature. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a boat ride, where each moment becomes a connection with the breathtaking natural wonders that grace the shores of Cartagena.

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        Rest + Reset: Hotel Casa San Agustin 

        Offers a chic and relaxed atmosphere with an amazing pool and spa. The boutique hotel maintains its colonial heritage architecture with 20 guestrooms and 11 suites beautifully decorated in the authentic Colombian style.

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          Explore Off the Beaten Path

          Dive into Cartagena's local scene by joining street rappers for some spontaneous dance fun off the beaten path. Feel the city's vibrant energy as you move to the beats, connecting with locals and experiencing the lively street culture.

          Extend your exploration into the nighttime vibes of Cartagena. Follow the sounds of music and laughter to discover hidden bars and eclectic venues, where the locals infuse the night with diverse beats and pulsating energy. Dancing in the streets with local rappers and immersing yourself in the city's nightlife adds an exciting layer to your off-the-beaten-path adventure in Cartagena, creating memorable experiences beyond the usual tourist spots.

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            Utilize Sustainable Transportation

            For a sustainable and immersive experience in Cartagena, embrace the eco-friendly option of exploring the city on foot. Wander along the old cobblestone streets, allowing each step to be a connection to the beautiful culture and vibrant colors that define this coastal gem. Walking not only minimizes your environmental impact but also lets you fully appreciate the intricate details of the city's architecture, with an abundance of beautiful doors providing perfect photo opportunities.

            As you traverse the narrow alleys, the slow pace of walking allows you to absorb the local atmosphere, interact with residents, and stumble upon hidden gems that may go unnoticed by faster means of transportation. By choosing sustainable mobility, you contribute to the preservation of Cartagena's charm while enjoying a more intimate and eco-conscious exploration of this captivating destination. So, lace up your walking shoes, take in the picturesque sights, and let the enchanting streets of Cartagena unfold at your own leisurely pace.

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