Cleo Woman

Natalia Benson

Can you tell us a bit about what you do and your journey to where you are today?

I am a women’s empowerment coach, astrologer, and spiritual teacher.  Around the age of 19 I realized I was deeply unhappy with what I had been told about what life was supposed to be like and what I was supposed to be like! I felt like something was missing… I started to explore meditation, typically only being able to meditate for about 1-2 minutes at a time. Slowly but surely life unfolded and I felt like unique people, teachers and opportunities arose to help me discover more about my soul and how to relate to myself in a more peaceful and empowering way. This however wasn’t always easy or light filled.  After moving to Los Angeles to pursue my first business as a jewelry designer I got heavily addicted to substances and alcohol. I was on the verge of completely destroying my life and my health. Around the age of 23 I decided to get off everything I was doing and go into a yoga teacher training (you could say I was extreme and you would be correct:).  This would be my first of three yoga teacher trainings that I would do in my twenties in addition to beginning to teach myself astrology and tarot.

Within these practices and spiritual pursuits I again found myself and also began to build unique businesses based on things I was passionate about, things that felt like me-- and were helping me heal and feel more whole. I unconsciously decided that my twenties would be a decade of self-creation, exploration, massive mistakes, failed attempts at businesses and love. Very simply a journey to come to understand my soul and define myself, by myself. Now I run a completely online business assisting women in building and creating sustainable, conscious, mission-driven businesses that help to shift the trajectory of human consciousness via spiritual and empowerment tools. 

What does it mean to be a Women’s empowerment coach and what do women come to you for help/advice on most often?

Very simply put, I work with women on defining who they are and empowering themselves from the inside out. So often we are looking for everything outside to define us, to qualify us, to sustain us and make us happy. This will only lead to suffering and a looping of life experiences (I know from experience and it’s still something I work on!). 
One of my biggest joys in my work is working with women on breaking destructive loops and patterns that keep them out of their power. Essentially with the tools and experiences I've cultivated from my life experience, this is what I guide on. Women love to work with me on moving past fear and finally stepping into the heart aligned business of their dreams as well as shifting unproductive inner stories around confidence, self worth, and money.

Do you have a favorite crystal, card, or sign?

I’d say one of my favorite crystals in citrine as well as pink moonstone. I love The Star Card and the Queen of Disks. My favorite sign is Aries, Cancer and Capricorn (my man is a Cap and my best friend a Cancer!)

How has your personal style been influenced by your career and spirituality?

That’s a really cool question… I feel like working from home for as long as I have has definitely created chic meets comfort style! I also really trust my intuition to guide me to pieces that I love and that express my spirit. As i’ve fallen in love with my own heart (aka, really stepped into loving myself!) I definitely would say that I wear way more color and patterns then I ever did before

Do you have any advice for this new season? The holidays are normally tough for a lot of people, especially with the days getting shorter and with quarantine continuing…what should we be focusing on in these last few months of 2020?

Aw my loves.. What a time. I would suggest movement, whether it’s daily stretching, taking the stairs at your building, yoga, workout apps, etc. Making sure that we are moving, with gentle awareness and love towards ourselves is major. A few interesting tools I would suggest: mirror work, where you speak with yourself in the mirror as well as, meditation with an app like Calm or Insight Timer. Find ways to relate to yourself and get present with yourself, this can help you move through challenging emotions, family tension, and decreased access to sunlight. I would say for anyone who has access, nature is a must. And if nature is not available to you amidst quarantine, breathwork, kundalini yoga, nature sounds on Spotify (the ocean sounds playlist is my favorite). Where attention goes, energy flows… so if you start feeling down place your focus / energy / love onto yourself. Cultivate ways to take good care, you are worth it

Do you have any daily rituals that help you stay grounded and centered in your everyday life?

Yes absolutely. Movement even if it’s something simple like taking the stairs or doing a quick 10-20 minute yoga set on the Gaia app. I also am very specific on what I pay attention to first thing in the morning, whether it be a guided meditation, affirmations, motivational content. Lately my morning rituals have consisted of: hot/cold showers straight into a workout or yoga set, dancing, etc. I make sure each day to get inspired by the beauty in the world and by what is possible within other people. Also, right before I start working I read outloud a quote that I have on my computer about abundance as well as my favorite business blessing that I made up this year. Basically my entire day is spent making sure my focus is on what inspires, empowers and expands me so I can do that for others.

What is your favorite way to spend a free weekend?

Nature with my man! I also love to learn, take courses, surf Pinterest and go for walks with my love (my dog) Tarot. Anytime I can get out of town and go to the ocean, that is heaven for me

What are a few of your favorite IG accounts you follow?

@galadarling , @julietcobodo , @tonyrobbins , @queercosmos , @falynsadderfield , @orendatribe , @trentshelton , @tezza , @nikicozmo

What are you looking forward to most once the world opens up again?

"Going to Hawaii". <3