Cleobella Gives Back

Cleobella Gives Back

Cleobella Gives Back

Cleobella chose to partner with Beam for their commitment to working solely with organizations that are highly accredited and rated based on their traceability and transparency. We have chosen four organizations that align best with who we are as a brand and where we want to make a positive impact. During check out you can choose out of the four we’ve selected that you want your money to go towards and the donation is made from us at no cost to you. 

For The Planet

Goal: Offset Our Carbon Footprint

Giveback Charity: One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted projects are helping to rebuild biodiversity in our most precious regions that deserve the world’s attention. Through photosynthesis, trees convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. These projects are also creating jobs and providing sustainable, long term income for communities so people and nature can live in harmony together. It is our responsibility as a brand to do our part by offsetting our carbon emissions wherever we can. By planting trees, we can create healthier habitats and help to eliminate greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. We have chosen One Tree Planted because we have the opportunity to choose where we can offset emissions in the specific regions where we contribute the most impact. 

Learn more about One Three Planted

For The People

Goal: Uplifting Artisan Women 

Giveback: IBU Foundation 

Ibu Foundation-  Is all about “Elevating Artisan Women, Fashioning Global Change”. IBU Foundation uplifts the work of women artisans around the globe. Their investments provide design, leadership, and business training for women all over the world. As well as a safe workspace, tools, and supplies for these women. Every female deserves to create freely without having to worry about expenses or other harmful variables. We are committed to supporting women artists, helping to provide creative opportunities, and supporting all women, everywhere. 

Learn more about the IBU Foundation 

For The Girls

Goal: Uplifting and Supporting Local Young Women

Giveback: Girl’s Inc

Girls Inc. was founded in 1864 and they focus on the development of the whole girl, mentoring, supporting, and guiding young women in an affirming, pro-girl environment. As a woman owned brand, our support for females is global. Cleobella was founded and continues to creatively flow through the hard work and dedication of women and would not be the brand we are today without them. Women are crucial to our survival and success. Empowering females of all ages, everywhere, is something that is very near and dear to our hearts. 

Learn more about Girls Inc.

For The People 

Goal: Uplifting Children in India 

Giveback: Bloom India 

Bloom India provides opportunities to the underprivileged children of India to break the barriers of poverty, social injustice, and discrimination. They have established a community that centers on giving these children the high quality education they deserve. Bloom India believes education is freedom for these children and prevents them from trafficking, adolescent marriage, and forced child labor. Children everywhere deserve to be free from worrying for their safety and to learn in an uplifting environment. Through Bloom India, we can help to create change in a place that is very special and essential to our brand. 

Learn more about Bloom India