Earth Month, Sustainable Fashion, And Reducing Textile Waste
Earth Month, Sustainable Fashion, And Reducing Textile Waste

Earth Month, Sustainable Fashion, And Reducing Textile Waste

Navigating the Textile Waste Conundrum with Cleobella: A Sustainable Fashion Journey

Textile waste looms as a formidable challenge, threatening to surpass plastic waste with a staggering 92 million tons generated annually. This excess finds its way into our waterways, landfills, and even incinerators, exacerbated by the fast fashion industry, which churns out double the amount of clothing compared to 2000.

At Cleobella, we recognize that change begins at the top, emanating from our design room. We prioritize decisions that minimize waste throughout a garment's lifecycle, opting for mono materials to simplify recycling processes and avoiding unnecessary components like metals and plastics. Our designs accommodate fluctuating body sizes and focus on timeless styles, encouraging customers to wear our clothing season after season, maximizing each garment's lifespan.

In production, we meticulously plan patterns to minimize waste during cutting, embodying our commitment to sustainability. Once our garments reach your closet, we advocate for mindful care, promoting cold water washing and infrequent laundering to prolong garment lifespans. Plant-based fibers enhance durability and breathability, aligning with our ethos of conscious consumption.

When a garment reaches its end of life, Cleobella is committed to closing the loop through our take-back program. Customers can return used clothing through For Days, which is repurposed, recycled, or resold through our partnership. Additionally, our Conscious Content program collaborates with influencers to reduce unnecessary production, minimizing waste.

Unlike many fashion brands, Cleobella operates on a cut-to-order model, producing only what we'll sell to eliminate overproduction. As we strive for excellence, we aim to achieve B Corp certification in 2024, underscoring our dedication to measuring and mitigating our environmental impact.

Exclusive Offers on Poshmark

To strengthen our commitment to sustainable fashion, Cleobella has joined forces with Poshmark to bring our customers exclusive deals on samples and pre-loved styles. Poshmark offers a platform for individuals to buy and sell fashion items, providing Cleobella shoppers with the chance to discover unique pieces at discounted prices. By choosing to shop on Poshmark, our customers play a vital role in reducing textile waste by giving pre-owned clothing a new lease on life.

Textile Waste: The Harsh Reality

The harsh reality of textile waste compels us to action. With synthetic fibers lingering in landfills and oceans for over 500 years, urgent systemic change within the fashion industry is imperative. Cleobella proudly stands as a beacon of sustainability and ethical practices, prioritizing quality over quantity and empowering consumers to make conscious choices.

As we celebrate Earth Month, we invite you to join us in creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Together, we can make a meaningful difference, one garment at a time. Thank you for supporting Cleobella's mission to create a more sustainable future for fashion.