Inside Cleobella's Founder's California Sanctuary

Inside Cleobella's Founder's California Sanctuary

Inside Cleobella's Founder's California Sanctuary

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Home is where the heart is, and for our founders, Angela and Jim, it's the stillness and serenity of their home that creates true divine magic helping to guide their family through the tribulations of life. A commune of purpose, and a dwelling of integrity, their home is a unique palette of treasures old and new. As well as helping to amplify the conscious laid back style of their Southern California culture. 

Not only does Angela, founder and creative director, center Cleobella around the inspiration of worldly endeavors and uniquely divine handmade treasures, but she does for her home as well. Each and every item in their home are pieces found on their travels, purchased particularly for the stories they tell, or discovers pieces that they gave a second life to. Giving a new life to items that would otherwise be discarded is a feeling unlike any other. The power of purpose helps to guide our founders as they carefully select each and every item that enters their home and how to choose the pieces to upcycle into new gems to admire for many years. Their turquoise hutch is from Indonesia and they brought it back along with other treasures. Angela and Jim’s passion for having a light footprint and being conscious of all they can has helped to create the life they intentionally desired.

Their rooms are in perfect tune with the personalities they represent while harmonizing a beautiful balance between vintage and modern touches. Each one unique with their vibrant pop colors, intriguing textures, and passed down treasures. Purpose is at the heart of every item in their home and their rooms represent this in every way.

As a family of travelers, creatives, and surfers, tranquility surrounding their home is of utmost importance to the O’Briens. The perimeter of their home is filled with drought tolerant plants that survive well with low maintenance and full sun which is perfect for this adventure seeking bunch for when they go off on their trips. The family does enjoy planting seasonal herbs and veggies that can be easily tended to and feasted on while at home. Each part of their home is intentionally brought together to ignite joy to their souls so while they are not traveling they have little reminders throughout their personal temple that makes their experiences unforgettable.


In their back yard they acquired a beautiful antique Joglo is hand carved from teak wood and put together piece by piece like a puzzle. Traditionally Joglos were used to bring the community together. With no nails or screws needed, this immaculate piece of art creates the perfect space to gather. That is why Angela and Jim’s backyard gave this joglo a perfect second life. They found it on their travels to Indonesia along with other gems to repurpose and it speaks beautifully for itself. 

The O'Briens, with intention, have created the most serene backyard spa situation that is central to their health routine. The combination of their detoxifying sauna to the cold ice plunge bath helps to keep this beautiful family healthy and motivated. A process they've adapted through their love of grounding and being present in every moment. Upliftment starts in the home, and the oasis that Angela and Jim have created is a perfect example of this.

The power of purpose is a huge navigator in making decisions involving the O'Brien's home. What you allow to be a part of your day-to-day says a lot about who you are. Your home is your temple, and making it a sanctuary you want to escape to is something to take notes on. No matter the size of your home or where you reside, we encourage you to make peace with your space, and to allow yourself to be in awe daily from what you come up with.

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Photography by: Meilani Cottrell (@rad_man) and Taryn Kent (@tarynkentphoto)