Our Sustainable Efforts

Our Sustainable Efforts

We manufacture timeless heritage garments that are built to last the test of time and live outside the trend cycles of fast fashion.  

We personally visit and work closely with all our makers and artisans. Our founders have been living 4 months out of the year in South East Asia over the last 14 years, working closely with our makers and building our sustainable brand together.

Preserving artisan crafts is at the forefront of our design sensibility, which is why we mostly create hand woodblock printed garments inspired by faraway places.

All of our printing is created with natural and water-based dyes and are non-toxic.  We use vegetable dyes like Indigo and Tumeric when possible.

We work with ethically sourced, organic, biodegradable fabrics, and natural fibers.

Most of our fabrics are GOTS certified Organic Cotton, where we connect directly with the farmers and every portion of the process of milling the fabric to a finished garment is traceable.

Whenever possible we work directly with regenerative fibers into our supply chain, working with farms and suppliers who use techniques and resources to replenish the natural environment.

Other sustainable fabrics in our collection are Eco Vera and Lenzing Viscose certified, using low amounts of water. Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. The biodegradable cellulose fiber is manufactured using a non-toxic, recycled solvent in a closed loops production system, where over 99% of organic materials are recovered and re-used.  A lightweight drapey fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and has a silky smooth finish. 

Linen is commonly used in Spring, Summer collections.  Linen is a biodegradable fiber made from the flax plant. Grown without pesticides and natural fertilizer.  Linen requires less water and energy to grow.  Linen keeps the body temperature cool and is a durable fiber that breaks down and softens over time. 

Our leather suppliers in Bali, Indonesia, and India work directly with the meat industry, ensuring low waste and using all materials that are by-products of the meat industry.  

Trims are Ykk oeko-tex approved, using recycled polyester.  We mostly use shell or corozo buttons on our garment closures.  And our thread is oeko-tex certified made from recycled polyester. We are working on Spica certified elastic to complete all our garments.

The Cleobella labels sewn inside our garments are polytex oeko-tex approved, made from recycled polyester. Our hang tags are made from Recycled paper and are  Biodegradable. 

We manufacture in Bali and India, maintaining over a decade of personal relationships with factory owners, artisans, and supply chains. From sourcing raw materials and working closely with our partners to discover new sustainable methods, we are passionate about designing garments that will live the longest life possible.

All of our partners are chosen carefully and we personally work with them based on their expertise and skill set. We work with small artisan groups that are merely individual women building their business with us together in their village and larger factories that have different expertise bringing quality and timeless art for you to cherish for years to come.

We are conscious of raw materials and their proximity in an effort to eliminate long-distance shipping.

All garments and accessories as of June 2021 will be shipped in Tipa compostable bags to minimize the use of plastic as this a big concern of ours. 

In an effort to have your garments live longer and fibers maintain their integrity. We recommend spot treating or washing cold and line dry in an effort to reduce color fading.

Minor damages, we recommend repairing garments before replacing them.  We are available at info@cleobella.com for advice on how to mend damaged garments.  Working with an experienced tailor will help extend the life of the garment and alter it for a preferred fit.  If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up and altering as necessary.