Summer 21 // Collection Fabrics

Summer 21 // Collection Fabrics

Summer 21 // Collection III Fabrics 

Our Summer III collection is here and is full of sustainable options for these long, warm summer nights. This collection is made with sustainability in mind from the fibers to your closet. June 2021 was the hottest month on record globally and it’s only getting hotter this summer. Having the right fabrics can really make or break your day. It’s helpful to be aware of what materials you have on you this season since it will be a steamy one. We want to share with you our favorite fabrics we’ve intentionally chosen for last Summer delivery that will help keep you cool until the seasons end, while also contributing to a better world for all. The fabrics you buy make a difference in communities and ecosystems all around the globe. When you buy sustainable fabrics you are making a conscious effort to help cool down our planet through what you wear. 

Cleobella’s favorite GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton is perfect for a sustainable summer. Our cotton is made consciously to be easy on you and the farmers who cultivate it. There are strict social and environmental standards held throughout the entire supply chain from farm to finished fabric. This process is of the utmost importance to verify traceability throughout the supply chain and with our farmers. We want to provide you with pieces that are made with purpose and designed to be adored for many summer seasons. We’ve intentionally added light colors to our Summer pallet to keep you calm, cool, and collected finishing off this season. 

Our 100% Cotton French Terry provides breathability with ease, and the support you oh so deserve. As well as major comfort vibes and a good conscience to go with it. French terry allows you to move freely and is a fabric you can depend on this season. Our internationally designed lounge sets are perfect for your travel needs and are easy to add into your suitcase for your next adventure. Our French Terry sets are hand woodblock printed and designed to be lived in and loved for years to come.

We also have for you this season our beautiful 100% Cotton Eyelet fabric that is perfect for any summer adventure. Eyelet is a durable and more functional form of lace that has just as much charm. It is beautifully elegant and more durable than alternative laces. Its classic history and intricate designs are what gives this fabric a unique and timeless feel. This ageless fabric is made with longevity and resilience in mind. It's perfect for any summer situation and is absolutely darling in all the right ways. 

In this collection we are also using another Cleobella favorite, hemp.  We love hemp because its production process uses far less water than other materials. Hemp is  breathable, lightweight, and durable. We also love that it is also a natural resistant to mildew, mold, and rot. It is a fabric that will help you get through the rest of this warm season comfortably and a fiber of the future. We back hemp for its number of positive properties and plan on continuing to use it in our collections each season.

Also featured in our Summer III collection is our specialized hand woodblock prints. Cleobella’s hand woodblock printed designs embody the slowest and most traditional form of textile design in fashion. Our designs are first drawn in California and then undergo a collaborative process with our artists in India to finalize the print design. Our generational master woodblock makers then hand carve the print onto the teak woodblocks. The woodblocks are dipped into natural, non-toxic, water based, vegetable dyes like indigo or turmeric when possible, and transferred onto the fabric one-by-one. The woodblocks are pressed onto the fabric with extreme precision leaving a beautiful impression of the pattern. Our signature prints are truly wearable art and occasional variations in design are due to the handmade process, making each piece as unique as you. 

Cleobella’s Summer III designs are special and we’ve made them intentionally for you to look and feel good all summer long. We hope you enjoy these fabrics we have intentionally selected for you to finish off this season in all the right ways. Cleobella is proud of using natural fibers and we will continue to advocate for them in all ways possible.