We have always believed that what we put on our bodies is an energy exchange that will carry with us throughout our day.   We wanted to create a collection of classic styles that were an extension of our lifestyle, of every woman's lifestyle:   What are we wearing to work, to drop the kids off at school, the concert, date night, or weekend getaway?  What is the journey we are taking and what are we packing?  We chatted with some of our Bellas and asked them, "What pieces were core to their being?".



"I absolutely adore the Freya Fanny Crossbody, my favorite pouch from Cleobella. It can be a crossbody, which I love because I can just throw it on and carry other supplies that I have throughout my day. It’s the perfect size to carry all of my essentials, I have my cell phone, of course, my favorite lip balm, and my favorite Muse Bath perfume, and it all fits right in the pouch. If I need hands free, I can unhinge it and it becomes a fannypack."

Kristen is wearing the Freya Fanny Crossbody, paired with our Autumn Blouse.




"I am obsessed with the Leo Travel Pouches, one because they are red (you can get them in a couple of different colors), but I have always really been into travel cubes and I love that you get even one more function out of these. You can use them as a clutch when you are going out to dinner or if you’re just going to go run errands while you’re traveling. I also love these bags because as a mom I think you are always constantly packing snacks and crafts and treats for your kid and its nice to have little compartments to put them in and have them be stylish."

Scarlett is wearing the Leo Travel Pouch Set, paired with our Sydney Dress.



"Being a student, I like to be hands free and I’m usually carrying a lot of stuff, so the Poppy Backpack from the Cleobella Core collection is essential for my everyday needs. The backpack comes in black and nude, and I could see myself changing them up because they go with everything. The leather of the backpack is super soft and it also has a hidden compartment, a secret part of the bag that I also love."

Claire is wearing the Poppy Backpack, paired with our Luna Pouch Set.
Photography // Taryn Kent @tarynkentphoto